Felicia Quichocho

Unity Developer


Felicia Quichocho


My name is Felicia Quichocho and I am from Killeen, TX. I have enjoyed video games and visual arts since I was a kid. My first game system was the Nintendo GameCube. I am obsessed with coding and want to learn as many programming languages I can. I am currently teaching myself C# and am learning the Unity developing program. I want to pursue my life long dream of making video games. I want to focus on a new age of video games such as: XR games and games for mobile. I currently reside in San Marcos, TX and adopted a kitty named Gordon Ramsay, yes like the chef. Feel free to explore my page and get to know me!


I am a first-generation student at Texas State University. I am currently earning a Bachelor’s of science in Digital Media Innovation and a minor in business administration in the span of three years!. I am on the executive board of a multicultural anti-racism peer educator group called Interruptions. I love being apart of social change and love to help minorities battle in the face of injustice. I use to be a Cat Camp counselor for a spirit and traditions camps at TXST. I had a lot of fun working with incoming freshman and how they can better their college experience by mentoring them and encouraging them to join organizations.


I have some of my favorite things posted down below. I am always looking to expose myself to new activities, cultures and art. I grew up a military child and my family was born and raised in Guam, USA so I had the privilege of visiting other countries and states while I was growing up. I have been to Japan, Korea and Mexico. I hope to travel more the older I get and keep myself cultured and to understand how the world goes round!

Video Games

Here is a table with my favorite games and the console I played them on! I chose these games because most of them are cinematically beautiful! The Uncharted series, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and The Last of Us are amazing games that I recommend to advanced players. The Overcooked series is a fun cooking game that keeps you on the edge of your seat that is for all ages!