Felicia Quichocho

Unity Developer

Previous Projects

Games Developed

“Roll-a-Ball” (PC/MAC) 2019: Scripted in C# and designed game

Roll a Ball gameplay; collecting points for the amount of objects the player collides with.

Websites Developed

Stay Green!

A college student at Texas State University discusses how she stays environmentally friendly and gives tips on easy ways to be nice to your planet! Check out the website!


I developed a website called Tips 4 Cats and it is an informational site for tips for cat owners. I used three different widgets: Metaslider slideshow widget, Quiz and Survey Master widget and Elementordesign widget. The additonal CSS I made on my page was adjusting the color of the site title. I added padding to the bottom of my image on my training page. I added responsive design for my navigation to make the labels disappear on tablet and mobile size.

Tech Interview
Antonio Rincon talks about regulating his technology use, and discusses whether society should decrease technological use in general.
iMovie project to represent basic editing skills.